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  • The Best Contact Forms

    This site has always used a php script for its contact forms. I purchased a very cheap script years ago that has quit working time after time. The developer always fixes for no cost but … read more

    Zencart 1.5.8 status & a new Image Mod

    Zen Cart 1.5.8

    I have completed converting my readytogo template to 1.5.8 and installed it on a working site. There are no issues with my template but definitely issues with 1.5.8 on PHP 8.1. Nothing … read more

    Zen Cart 1.5.8 Released

    Tis here – tis released into the wild.

    Upgrade or no? As usual for me I won’t be upgrading to 1.5.8 anytime soon. 1.5.7 d came out in Feb of this year. It’s stable. Why … read more

    Reminders & Plugins That Need Updating

    USPS last changes onĀ  7 Aug 2022
    (many recent reports from clients saying theirs quit completely – most likely folks who haven’t updated in a while)

    UPS last changes on 1 Jul 2020
    (if you … read more

    Twitter, Twitter, You Still There?

    The answer is yes. Twitter is still usable for the moment. Will it remain that way? Possibly not – probably not. The reason is basic and simple. When you cut staff by 50 or 75% … read more